Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My sacred place

Since the begining of times, human beings have created sacred places, for meditation and worship.

For me, to have such a place, is not as a religious matter, in the common sense, rather, I like to view it as a place where I can meditate and think about thinks, a place that reminds me of the path when I'm feeling apart.

It's a place that has personal meanings, personal and individual features and images. Inspired on the triad point of view, I create a composition with mirrors, that forms a new image with the reflection of other two. Three candels also are present on the composition.

1 comment:

onis said...

Siempre es bueno tener un lugar sagrado... un refugio para nuestra alma... a veces, no es necesario que sea tan grande, o a veces ni siquiera se necesiten muchas cosas... a veces con sólo prender una vela, ya tienes tu momento sacro, y ya te sientes en casa... en conexión contigo mismo (y porqué no con lo divino o trascendental?)

Todavía sigo viendo tu trilogía de espejos y quedo sorprendida de tu ingenio... más aún de tu integridad de persona, admirable ^-^


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