Sunday, 3 February 2008

Happy Imbolc

Imbolc or Oimelc is the Celtic celebration of the beginning of the spring. This date the celebration is done in honour of Brighid.

Brighid is considered a triple goddess for the Celtic Lore, patron of poets, crafts and health. On this day it’s celebrated as the Mother, the light bringer, the fertile earth.

This day has special resonance for another traditions along with the Celtic one: In Rome, today was the festival of Juno-Februa the goddess of marriage, mother of Mars. Rome was lighten with candles and a procession was made on her honour. In Mexico was the beginning of the Aztec year, that was also a big celebration with fires. The Catholic Church commemorates the Candlemas day, that remember of Jesus presentation to the temple, where he means a light to the world.

I went to the Long Man of Wilmington to commemorate the day. It was a very nice experience shared with some members of the Anderida Gorsedd.

I'm beginning to feel the spring around, some crows made a nest in the tree infront of my window, also I noticed this last weeks, that the sunset is about one hour later than before, let's wellcome the Spring.

May the coming spring be full of blessings for all.

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