Sunday, 8 June 2008

New project started

I'm writing this post to let you know about a new project I have started, that is a website about Druidry in spanish language.

It's now published at

The name of the site is "La Arboleda Sagrada; An Garrán Beannaithe" (The Sacred Grove)

The site, came to my mind as a way to give information about Druidry to the spanish-speaker comunity on the internet, since there's not a lot of info on that language.

I have incorporated three basic sections

1) Tradición (Tradition) with articles about What is Druidry, the Beliefs, Ethics, Rituals and Festivals

2) Los Druidas hoy (The Druids today) with info about the activities of the contemporany druids, the orders, the ecologic campains.

3) Foro (Forum) an online forum in spanish language to discuss druidry and celtic paganism related topics, maybe a first step to begin an on-line druidry comunity on spanish language

4) Recursos (Resources) this is probably the section with higher expectations... the objective is to create an on-line library with texts and articles about Druidry and Celtic culture and history in spanish language. At the moment it has the translations of articles by some very wise people I have contact, and have granded their persmision to publish their articles; two articles of mine, based on some drafts I had put on my blog; some incantations as The Amergin song, and Amergin's invocation of Ireland, as well as Athair ar Neamh a beautiful prayer by Eithne Ni
Brahonain and the begining of a big project... the translation of ancient books, text, poems and incantations.

At the moment I have the translations of The boyage of Bran, The second battle of moytura, and the Galic wars of Caesar.

I'm now working on the translation of the following texts:

The Irish Triads, ed. Kuno Myer
Carmina Gadelica ed. Alexander Charmichael
The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge)
And the complete Irish mythology by Lady Augusta Gregory

As you can imagine these translations are going to take me months, since I have other things to do, and I'm working at the moment alone on this project, but I'll upload them little by little, as I get some parts finished. The process of the translation have been so inspiring, to find the right word to express the meaning, get me in a deeper involve of the texts themselves, meditating about them, learning about them.... it was just great!!!

Once these are translated and published, I'll follow with other texts and so on... It's an ambicious project, I know; I hope it doesn't get out of my hands. I also know that there's some danger in translating these texts, since I'm doing it from the english translation since I'm not fluent on
gaelic, nor a celtic scholar, nor a professional translator (If you know somebody who have that credentials and that also is fluent in spanish, I'll love to have him/her check the translations I'm working on) but I hope it helps the people who is really interest in celtic culture but for
several reasons (mostly about time and money) can't learn english (or gaelic) and/or access to the information that is available in printed and electronic books.

The articles published, listed here by last name alphabetic order, are as follows:

Phillip Carr-Gomm / OBOD:
The seven gifts of Druidry (los siete regalos del druidismo)
Ethic and values on Druidry (Ética y valores del druidismo)
Eco-campaign (Campaña Ecológica)

Erynn Rowan Laurie:
Following a Celtic path (siguiendo un camino celta)
The Truth vs the World (La verdad contra el mundo)
An Essay on Sacrifice (Un ensayo sobre el sacrificio)

Brendan Cathbad Myers:
Initiation and the Druid Secret Language (iniciación y el lenguaje
secreto de los Druidas)

Kenneth Proefrock:
The Practice of medicine (la práctica de la medicina)

Graeme K. Talboys:
The nine dimensions of the way of the Druid (las nueve dimensiones del
camino del Druida)

Loretta Wilson:
The Brehon Laws (Las leyes Brehon)

Hope you like it!


Philip Carr-Gomm said...

Fabulous! You've created a great website! And I had no idea you were just down the road from us in Brighton! I hope we'll see you soon (perhaps at the Shoreham Conference?)

Blessings on your wonderful new project!!

Philip Carr-Gomm /|\

Ál said...

Thank you Philip for your support, yeah, I'll try to make it to the shoreham conference.


Sue Simpson said...

What a fantastic idea Al. I stumbled upon your blog via the OBOD message board. Just wanted to say 'Hi' and well done you for thinking of this freat idea.
Good luck with this project.

Love and bright blessings,
The Purple Pixie! lol

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