Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Internet and the media

Everyday I’m surprised of how much the Internet has change our lives. And how traditional media is little by little displaced by it. Just a few days ago I was able to publish my music album to sell it online, without the need of a contract with a music distributor.

Now, surfing around, I found an interesting project that four regular guys that used their youtube channels to promote a song and use their youtube fans to get it on to the UK charts. I find it utterly amazing, not because the song was particularly good, but because this in a way, is taking away the power of the big media and driving it back to the people.

I wonder how much this can grow and how much the internet can displace the traditional media and business? How effective is or can be the internet activism? In your life, is the traditional media the one with more weight and influence or is it the internet one?

Food for thought I think

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