Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ancient Ones

Listen to the elders of the world, listen to the ancient ones, because their voice is wisdom, because their voice is real

Now, in this world where everything seems to be "relative" is dificult to express something and that your listeners understand the same.

How ever, There are a few times when you can use the word magic.

You certanly can feel the magic of the ancient ones, when visiting some places like Stonehenge and the old forest of yews. These are sacred places, with so much history and some stories behind.

I visit stonehenge and stay there until the sunset, then walk back to Salisbury. Those three ours of walking in the night (10.7 miles), after been in such magical place, help me to connect with this land a little more

It's difficult to get appart of the old celtics ways, this old religion that honors the land, the stones, the trees, when you walk and feel the land.

Another place that is most impressive to see, is the old yew forest, at Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve. Here are the oldest trees of Britain, and maybe of western europe. Trees with more than 2000 years.

How many stories the wind had share with theme?
How many lifes they witnessed from the begining to the end?

The word Druid originally means, "The wise how can speak with the trees" and trees were the begining of their wisdom.

Druids and Ovates alike, use the nature to understand the life. The Ogham alphabet is based on the trees.

Beith, Luis, Fern, Sail, Nion, Uath, Dair, Tinne, Coll, Ceirt, Muin, Gort, nGéadal ,Straif ,Ruis, Ailm, Onn, Úr, Eadhadh, Iodhadh

birch, rowan, alder, willow, ash, hawthorn, oak, holly, hazel, apple, vine, ivy, reed, blackthorn, elder, white fir, gorse, heather, poplar, yew.

Every one of these words were put with a ritual meaning, teachings, stories, were mouth to mouth, but omens, spells and the word in form of wisdom or a song, were put in writing.

Tree lore, Stone lore, you just have to listen.


Listen to the trees, listen to the memory of trees (music by Enya)

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