Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Remember, Remember the 5th of november

On ancient times, processions were made in the night, the begining of the celtic day, shall be iluminated with fire. To honor the new year, to honor the gods, to celebrate.

England can't denny it's celtic heritage.
On November 5th, there's a tradition to celebrate the Guy Fawkes festival. Back in 1605, after Elizabeth I dies, an attempt by the Catholics to kill James I was made. This group planned to blow the house of parliament with 36 barrels of gunfire.

They were not successful, the plot was discovered, and Guy Fawkes, their lieder captured, torturated and killed

England celebrates their independence of Rome, their freedom to choose their own path. And they celebrate as a big parade, with processions, fires and in the night.

The biggest festival is going in Lewes, where I went.

A big parade, fancy dresses, beers, fires, a very good experience to live.

A small video with some of the party

The irish and scotish spirit

Then, the night was lighted up, a big fire was made.

And fireworks to close this fun and amazing festival.

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