Sunday, 25 November 2007

The Triad

Let me sing about the Celtic wisdom, let me sing about the Three lore

Since Three are the realms of the world, Earth, Sea and Sky

Since Three are the realms of our world, Mind, body and Spirit

I am the son of poetry,

Poetry, son of reflection

Reflection, son of Meditation

Meditation, son of Lore

Lore, son of Research

Research, son of the Great knowledge

Great knowledge, son of Intelligence

Intelligence, son of Comprehension

Comprehension, son of Wisdom,

Wisdom, son of the three gods of Danna

And in the sacred well grows three times three hazels, from which the salmon of knowledge will feed, and bring us the wisdom to all mankind.

Along Celtic people there are many references that involve "three", since their philosophy was based on Triads.

Is difficult to a modern people to understand the concept of all the world connected to three aspects since, the western and even the eastern thinking is based on a divided dual world.

Good and Evil, Ying and Yang, beginning and end

But the Celts believe that two things by themselves where nothing without a third.

A Triad is a small phrase, that has three elements, the first two always related to a third, that came as a result. From a Man and a Woman came a new human being, if two persons love each other, they become a new one, where love is the common part.

It’s easy to comprehend this if we think in terms of dialectic, from a thesis and an antithesis came a synthesis.

There are literally thousands of triads, each one from each topic in live.

I put just a few, Here you can find more

  • Three gains of those who need the advice of the Old ones: Illumination, wisdom and clarity.

  • Three followers of wisdom: imagination, purpose and endeavor.

  • Three things not loved without each one it's companion: day without night, our omens without the truth, and wisdom without reverence.

  • Three things never end: the flowering of charity, the soul, and perfect love.

  • Three initiations of wisdom: lawful teaching, effective customs, and instinctive love.

  • Three things of which everything is capable, and without which nothing can be: strength of body and mind, knowledge as strength of mind, and love of intuitive wisdom.

This philosophy also can be found in two of the most important Celtic symbols: The Triquetra and the Triskel

The Triquetra is also known as The Eternal Knot, it symbolizes the infinite, the equilibrium and eternal return. Within it we can see the three basic realms, and the harmony between them. After the arrival of Christianism to the Islands, it also take the meaning of the Holy Trinity, and actually there are some who think that the Christian interpretation of the Trinity came directly from the Celtic ways, since the Celtic Gods and Goddess always have three different aspects, three different forms, so, we can hear about the triple Goddess Danna, and the triple Goddess Mórrigú.

It’s also associated in a mix with the Vikings traditions as the Val knot, to represent the three virtues of Odin (or Val) wisdom, strength and courage.

The Triskel is directly associated with the Triple Goddess, and also, this triple spiral is in movement, and means eternal wisdom, the live, death and rebirth. It also represents the three great levels of being: the Overworld, the Middleworld and the Underworld. This represents the unification of balanced opposites to create directional force attuned to ones will, setting goals into motion, bringing them into being and empowering them in all realms.

For me, a man born in the third day of the third month of the calendar that we use in the western world, the meaning and relations of this number are fully integrated within myself, is it my soul, my words and my mind.

Imagination is the key to Wisdom. Wisdom maps the way to Spirit. Spirit reveals itself through Imagination.- That's a Celtic knot

Finally a Triad that was inspired to me:

Three gifts of the Supreme being to each one, Love for their hearts, knowledge for their minds and truth for their words.

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