Thursday, 20 December 2007


Avalon is a place of magic, a place that we can tell tales for a life time without finishing.

This place may be best known for its relation with the Arthuric legend; however, the place goes beyond Arthur, since it’s a place where a lot of forces came together, not only the pagan and christian alike, but the forces that goes trough the universe itself.

It’s say that is a passage between the Fairy land and the human one. That means that is one of the entrances to the Tir Nan Og, when the mist covers the land, time stops and you can see, or at least feel the other world.

And that indeed I do, I was there at night, with the cold air, with the mist covering Glastonbury, and a feeling that it’s hard to express, it’s just a powerful force that covers yourself. With a little thanksgiving and initiation ritual, I open a new path, from Avalon itself.

I return there at day time , and thank the winds for the experience

I also have the change of be part of the Winter Solstice (Alban Arthan) OBOD Gathering, it was very nice to share with all these wonderful people an experience for the midwinter.

I had the chance to visit the Chalice Well and stay there for a time of meditation

And of course the Abbey, another place of peace

Avalon covers with mist the land of men
With wind and cold, with force and spirit
May the Celts pilgrims kneel before it
May the Christian ones, do the same
Since this is a place of magic
This is a place of joy
A Connection with the world, the whole one
Not the divided that we perceive
A gate to the Tir Nan Og
Sing oh Avalon of your wisdom
Sing oh Avalon of your power
Let us share your light between the mists
Les us enter your realm

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Mindful Fiddler said...

Beautiful photos and poetry. I last visited Avalon in June of this year and won't be back till July but I miss it and dream of it often.

Thanks for your kind words about my poem. I hope I can find the inspiration for more.

Blessings at Alban Arthan.

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