Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I am The deep sea and the oceans

There are poems that came from the heart, there are poems that came from the soul, but there are poems that came to you in your dreams, burning your heart, burning your soul, stamping your mind. This is how the inspiration came for this.

Thanks to wyeuro, from OBOD, I could fully end this task, as a gift from the Sidhe themselves, here is, in the celtic language (and as I write it down)

‘s mé an fharraige dhomhain agus na haegéin
‘s mé aon theachtaire na spiorad agus na réaltachtaí
‘s mé mac chogar na gaoth
‘s mé solas na réaltaí, na gealaí agus na gréine
‘s mé mac na seanbhealaí, na críonnacht ársa
‘s mé an shaileach abhíonns corrthónagh leis an ngaoth ar an uisce

‘s mé duine atá ag brionglóideach, atá ag sín na réaltaí
‘s mé an ghrian te agus an t-uisce fuar
‘s mé mac an thalaimh agus na daonnacht
‘s mé an geimhreadh agus an t-earrach
‘s mé an t-aonar
‘s mé an capall agus an t-ulchabhán

cé atá ag brionglóideach ar an dli nádúrtha?
cé a bhí ag mothú an grá?
cé a bhí ag brionglóideach ormsa agus orta féin?
iarraim ag fáil thú
i gcuas codlatach
leis an bhfocal díreach,
focal na farraige dhomhain agus na haegéin.


I am The deep sea and the oceans
I am one messenger of the spirits and realities
I am the son of the whispers of the wind
I am the starlight, moonlight and sunlight
I am the son of the old ways, the ancient wisdom
I am the willow that moves on the water by the wind

I am the dreamer who reaches the stars
I am the sun warm and the cold water
I am son of the earth and man
I am the winter and spring
I am the solitude
I am the horse and the owl

Who dreams on the laws of nature?
Who have felt the love?
Who dreamt about you and me?
In a sleepy hallow
I hope find to you
With the precise word
The word of the deep sea and the oceans

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