Sunday, 23 December 2007

Happy Solstice

The winter solstice is one of the most important festivities of the pagan world. Not only the Celtic culture celebrate it, also the northern people, celebrate the Yule festival; Romans used to celebrate the solstice to Apollo. The Welsh Druidic tradition call this festival Alban Arthan.

It’s the return of the sun, we are now in the midwinter, and the sun goes forward to spring, the longest night in the year mark the beginning of the end of the winter.

Was so important the celebration of the Sun-God rising, the one who gives light and warm to the humankind, that Christians decided to fix Jesus birthday into the winter solstice, with the Nicea Council in the fourth century A.C. The solstice at that times, was on the 25 of December, but since the earth is moving, the day has also moved in 1600 years.

Is the time of the sun, of its rise upon darkness, we see the light in the new born that illuminates the path of the year.

We can’t just put apart the Christian influence in this time of the year, ‘cause indeed is also a time of joy, of the bringer of light. And a time of friendship, love & family.

Whichever you celebrate the Solstice or the Christmas, or both, like me, my best wishes go with you.

May the light illuminate your path
May the winter pass by, leaving the reflections of the cold nights on your heart
May the darkness give you the preparation for the warm sun
May the joy and merry be with you

Happy Winter Solstice !!

Happy Christmas !!

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